Francisca Blázquez
Exposición de Francisca Blázquez en Logroño, Hotel Husa Gran Vía, 14-09-2006



Francisca Blazquez’s paintings are both a joy to behold and a testament of creativity that transcends reality into a surreal dimension; they are like a voyeuristic window into a cosmic panorama. These truly vibrant and passionate paintings reflect a joy for life, mystery, a window into the unknown and a sense of vivid continuity. Pieces like Esfera depict a mystic astral feeling, a limitless world that lures us into an enchanted entrapment.  Through her masterpieces we are given a window into her soul, a mesmerizing door of infinite possibilities and limitless interpretations evoking our innermost allure towards artistic aesthetics, we see the sheer talent of the artist but above all we see a multifaceted being in all of her glory. In that same line of thought in Estrella de Luz we peer into a window that just radiates vitality, a window that just beckons us to absorb its incandescent qualities: the soul of an artist whom invites us into a disarming realm of beauty. Therein we are made to venture boldly into the unknown, a spiraling staircase towards divinity: the true artist’s world, the painter in their divine essence.

Jean Paul Schembri

Maltese Poet / Writer






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