Listen and feel through your eyes!
Exposición de Francisca Blázquez en Logroño, Hotel Husa Gran Vía, 14-09-2006



The creations on canvas of Francisca Blazquez are like portals that take us into another dimension. Just the generic title of her most recent work 'Dimensonalismo' describes the journey our eyes are able to take us on when we experience her work visually. We are transported to another dimension where our senses allow us to perceive a sensation of light and peace.

Children are still a blank canvas on which life has yet to paint its images and impressions and those children who have been lucky enough to visit an exhibition of Francisca's work have been moved to express delight and wonder at what they see. Their purity allows their spirit to absorb the message of Francisca's paintings without the mind interfering because it does not have the conditioning of mental concepts that time and experience impose on adult minds.

We should all permit ourselves to return to that childlike state of pure appreciation so that we can experience that state of being where our critical and analytical mind does not intrude upon our soul.
Simply enjoy the feeling our soul recognises, that time has allowed us to forget.



Margaret Flanders
International Sales Agent






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