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Francisca Blázquez: Energy Paint

Video de Francisca Blázquez realizado por Alberto Dorado

(Alberto Dorado (Madrid, 1968) comenzó su carrera audiovisual en 1990 ejerciendo como reportero para distintas televisiones. En 1999 realiza su primer cortometraje, “Me encantan las confusiones en los aeropuertos”, y desde entonces es muy habitual verle en los títulos de crédito de los principales cortos de nuestro país. En 2009 escribe y dirige “Lost (Perdido)” con el que es seleccionado en más de 120 festivales y que obtiene 33 premios nacionales e internacionales, alcanzando el nivel de preselección para los Goya 2011 y Oscar 2012. Actualmente ejerce como fotógrafo de moda y estilismo para la firma Go Peluqueros)


Francisca Blázquez: paintings to instil peace in the world

Published The Diplomat - 16 October 2014


Francisca Blázquez: Energy Paint The paintings of artist Francisca Blázquez are developed through meditation. Expresses its essential lighting and circumstances, because she believes that everything that exists is part of a whole that has intelligent functions compatible and interconnected in the most subtle, inner and outer, visible and invisible stages.

Consider that meditation is fundamental to the artistic and for his own advancement, applying to every discipline in which it participates.

Francisca Blázquez: Energy Paint Believes that when you meditate is the Solar Angel who acts, are Buddhist and the stadium Aathmic that drive to do what it expresses through her painting, expressive but subtle, sometimes fleeting, almost imperceptible, while in other obvious seeking determination of chromatic contrast, filled circles, spirals, semi- circles, circles, curves, gestures, arabesque, undulating forms that dance choreography in a relentless dynamic infinite expressions of a reality that is beyond the physical and matter.

She knows that to connect we must abandon the ego, away from the ego-mind to distance itself from the rational mind which oversees everything, to enter the deep channeling process that knows no bounds. The ego is who imposes constraints. When we meditate every obstacle disappears because we become in essence. In mindfulness meditation you can paint, create, move, live, act , because it is fully active meditation.

Although we know the universe in detail , actually , everything is there , inside and outside, in ourselves and in everything. His painting is part of the whole, representing the divine essence, the entire cosmos, strength and energy macro and micro action through the universes, multiverses and omniversos.

Each dimension has its own codes, formed by the vibrational determination, different concentration of energies that make up the visible facet that reflects the artist according to his original intention at the time to meditate.

Really what you want to communicate is goodness and grandeur of the universe and beyond it. It teaches us to be one with which knowledge is in all its facets. This channel becomes to transform lives and benefit.

The art Francisca Blázquez , besides being art investment , and aesthetic creation is fundamentally energy interactive art that helps people and environments transforming, improving them. This connects with the existence from the point of view of the multidimensional on all orders.

Francisca Blázquez: Energy Paint One constant throughout his career, which began many years ago with his first exhibition at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid to the present, which recently appeared in the acts of the Year Dual Spain - Japan, with a very attractive exhibition on the contribution to peace by the Japanese Nichiren Buddhism with his Universal Law Nam- Myoho - Regue - Kyo is permanent pictorial tribute to peace.

With over 400 individual and collective in 17 countries on three continents exhibitions, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary creative Madrid, essentially a painter, but also the author of sculpture, jewelry, digital animation, installations, drawings, prints, performances, video creation, experimental dance and interactive art, contemporary art contributes to the harmony between science and spirituality, because they are complementary and inseparable.

His work is represented in the best collections in the world: Newman of Chicago, Argentaria Foundation Madrid, JJ.00 Foundation. Beijing Museum Hirai Okayama Japan, Venice Artistic Circle, Platinum Collection , Duplex Group Eurodesign, Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, 200 Swiss companies, Union Bank of Switzerland, Swiss Bank Corporation, 400 Spanish companies, Egyptian Institute of Studies Islamic, etc. He has also participated in major shows in Europe, including Cologne and ARCO.

Joan Lluis Montane
International Association of Art Critics ( AICA ).



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