Francisca Blázquez inaugurates her new series of Cosmic Energy paintings entitled `Light´ at the Hotel Miguel Ángel in Madrid on the 26th May, 2015 enjoying great success with the public and diplomats from Embassies.


Francisca Blázquez inaugurates her new series of Cosmic Energy paintings entitled `Light´ at the Hotel Miguel Ángel in Madrid on the 26th May, 2015 enjoying great success with the public and diplomats from Embassies.

The creative artist from Madrid, with international acclaim, inaugurated on the 26th May, 2015 at the Hotel Miguel Ángel in Madrid, an exhibition comprising 20 pictorial works of energy painting, in acrylic on canvas. The three day exhibition – 26th to 28th May, is titled Cosmic Energy Paintings `Light´ which is inspired by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. The exhibition was sponsored by ADE (the Association of Diplomats in Spain) and the Academy of Diplomats.

Sixty embassies and more than 170 guests

At the inauguration, which was very interesting and lively, was attended by more than 170 guests and sixty embassies. The diplomatic representation was formed by Ambassadors and/or diplomatic personnel from different areas and sections of the embassies. Of those present were diplomats and staff of embassies from Russia, United Arab Emirates, Unites States of America, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Italy, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Japan and many others.
The diplomats were very enthusiastic about the measurements of the paintings, admiring the pictorial and energy work of the artist, Francisca Blázquez, and their comments were very favourable. They admired her use of colour and expression of light and the intensity of the chromatic hues and the power of the images.

The paintings emit a very high energy emission between 7,500 and 9,000 Bovis units

The exhibition also benefited from the presence of José Luis Martos García, a renowned radiesthetist from Pamplona who measured the energy of the pictorial works. He examined ten paintings and stated that, “I have examined the paintings and the measurement is quite high overall. There is some difference from one painting to another, but small, following more or less the same line of wave form emission.

The work of Francisca, when measured emits between 7.500 and 9.000 Bovis units, which means that the vibrational energy is quite high. I have taken the measurements with a Bovis biometer, this is a guideline scale to measure the vibrational energy emitted by different substances (food, medicine, living beings, objects or geographic places), depending on the focus that is given to test them.
The work done at the exhibition consisted of measuring each painting with a pendulum and with a biometer, and also with divining rods.”

On the other hand, he stated that an in-depth study of each work of art, such as the effect it produces, in the short, medium and long term, how to use and harmonize them, where to place them, what effect they can have at a distance…..

The inaugural act began with a speech by Ana María, the spokesperson of the Association of Diplomats of Spain (ADE). Also, Chus Ventura spoke, as did José Luis Martos García and Francisca Blázquez.

The exhibition was very well received and concluded with a cocktail in the gardens of the Hotel Miguel Ángel where the benefits of the cosmic painting of Francisca Blázquez were discussed.

Since a child she was very spiritual

Francisca Blázquez was called `spirit´ since she was a child. She is a woman who has always been governed by the spiritual. Concentrating on art, disciplined and orderly, her vision of things rests in the dynamic that everything that exists is part of the same conception: all that is forms part of a universal truth and can be transformed into the positive.
Born in 1966 in Madrid. She studied at the Rajona Studio in the capital of Spain from 1983 to 1989. She continually obtained scholarships throughout the years of her studies after rigorous selection: Estudio Arjona, Drawing classes, Figure drawing, Still Life painting, Figure painting and Personal Interpretation. Her capacity for innovation accompanies her. It would appear that her imagination is inexhaustible. She has no concentration problems, in fact, painting drives her to focus on the true dynamics of her existence. Creating to communicate that which can contribute to the progress of others and to oneself.
From 1989 to 2002 she did different courses: Intensive painting course with Dª. Maria Luisa Estevan at the Polo Monastery in Pontevedra; a group study at the Bienal in Venice, a stay in both Paris and New York, an intensive course in Contemporary Art at the Fine Arts Circle in Madrid with Mr. John Armleder; Kassel Documenta Studio with Maria Luisa Esteban and a complete course of studies in 3D with Joaquín Carnicer. Engraving studies in Madrid. Jewellery studies with Pablo Tardón also in Madrid. She began meditation studies with William Van Marsenille, in addition, she possesses extensive training in energy therapies with various teachers and masters. But, in reality, she is essentially, self-taught and has great intuition that has prompted her to investigate in multiple fields and then apply that knowledge to painting and life.

On the other hand she creates diverse and complex artistic animations, digital photographs and possesses a great artistic production in this electronic medium with an international dimension.

Her dedication to art is total
Her dedication to art is total, to such a point that her parents, when they went for walks in the Retiro Park in Madrid, always commented that she drew abstract figures, sketches and drawings in the sand of the park, with a stick, instead of playing like other children.

When she was eight years old, her father bought for her her first easel and her mother and grandmother encouraged her on the path of painting. Later on she started her academic work. This was made up of still life of objects and nature, figurative art, statues and interpretation, as well as interiors of diverse types as main themes. She always wanted to paint. She was persevering and precocious, being very evolved for the time in which she lived.

An relentless researcher, constantly experimenting, being very audacious in her use of colour. When she was a child she painted dolls and their clothes, she invented other dolls and original clothes and landscapes. She always showed initiative and was open to creation.
At school she constantly excelled in drawing, to a point where she painted a mural on the blackboard that the teacher did not dare rub out until her parents themselves saw it. Later on, she left her studies and dedicated herself full-time to the Arjona Academy, one of the most prestigious and strict academies in Madrid, always winning the First Prize, being on a scholarship. She obtained five consecutive scholarships for statue drawing, natural figure drawing, Still Life painting - in colour, natural figure painting in oil or acrylic and interpretation.

Maria Luisa Esteban was an instrumental professor in her artistic evolution, empowering her natural gifts and abilities, in short, her creative capacity without limitation.

She always one the First Prize and she corrected her own classmates when asked. Many of her classmates were students of Fine Art, including professors and painters with a certain artistic record. Francisca was very young but was already emerging as an artist, being selected by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid for a collective exhibition where there were some of the best painters in Spain, led by influential art critics of the time, such as Raúl Chavarri, the Commissioner General who showed interest in her works and wanted to buy them, featuring her in the ABC newspaper.

Open to new perceptions from academism to impressionism, she then became interested in expressionism, then abstract art and conceptual art. Always innovating mixing X-rays with photos, painting on paper, cloth and wood, making sculptures of different formats into which she incorporated light.

Participating in about 400 exhibitions in 17 countries

To date Francisca has exhibited in about 400 individual and collective exhibitions in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina, Denmark, United States of America, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, China, Mexico and Switzerland. With regard to her presence at fairs, she attends ARCO in Madrid with the Anselmo Álvarez gallery (Madrid); the Cologne fair with the Contemporani Antoni Pinyol art gallery of Reus (Tarragona, Spain); Lineart in Gent-Gante (Belgium) with the Berruet Gallery in the Logroño pavilion; DeARTE in Madrid (Spain), amongst others.
At the time she belonged to the Anselmo Álvarez gallery in Madrid, she created at ARCO, two macro-installations of 800 square metres each for this gallery, being a success for its sagacity, expression and synergy of disciplines and decision in using recycled materials coming from construction and buildings, such as doors of elevators, wood, furniture, etc. and even lights that illuminate sculptures of great proportions.

On the other hand, she incorporates in her works, video creations and contemporary dance. This is the experimental stage, with her geometric work and at the same time both gestural and expressive, that goes beyond the form, which seeks to revolutionize the medium from a clearly metaphysical experiential framework. It is a time of great change and transformation both in her personal and professional life. She travels a lot and exhibits in America and Europe.
At this time, her spiritual and cosmic vocation leaves its mark that becomes stronger when she focuses on geometric research and later Dimensionalism.

Francisca Blázquez ( and creator of Dimensionalism in 1998, explores many areas in her pictoric work from this year, such as angelic research, the esoteric, exoteric, ethereal, atmic, Buddhist, spiritual, monadical, crystalographic, the love and galactic dimension, among others.

Each dimension has its own codes, formed by vibrational definition, diverse concentration of energies that shape the visible aspect that the artist reflects beyond that connecting through meditation.

And, especially, in recent times, she creates unique works within her particular process of meditation. This series is the one that she is developing currently, exhibiting extraordinary works of beauty and spiritual certainty that transmits energy and interacts with the individual, a company and the medium transforming them on a positive level.

Her work is represented in the best collections of the world

Her paintings can be found in the best collection of the world. Newman Foundation in Chicago, Fundación Argentaria in Madrid, the Olympic Games exhibition in Pekin with a sculpture, which was selected from 5,000 entries by artists from around the world, only 40 of whom were selected, including Francisca Blázquez, Marugame Hirai Museum in Japan, Artistic Circle in Venice, Platinum Colletion, Grupo Dúplex, Eurodesign, Bolsa de Comercio in Buenos Aires, 200 Swiss companies, Swiss Banking Corporation, Museo Arte On, Hotel Miguel Ángel in Madrid, Marbella Town Hall, the Monaco Embassy, the Palestinian Embassy, the Egyptian Embassy, the Egyption Institute of Islamic Studies in Madrid, Marbella Casino, N & N, dozens of pictorial works in private collections in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Venice, Ascoli Piceno, etc.

A highlight was her exhibition at the premiere of the film, What the Bleep Do We Know? in London.
Amongst her digital animations stands out the one titled `Universo Dali´ expressly conceived for the International Dali Dolmen Exhibition, projected onto a giant screen at the Casa de la Moneda in the Plaza Dali in Madrid in front of a thousand spectators.
A sensitive and spiritual artist, from the beginning of her career always connected to sprituality, which is reflected in her creations.
Art is a medium to express energy

For Francisca Blázquez, at the present time, art is a `medium to express energy, the evidence that there exists a cosmic abundance so big that we can all be happy. We just have to learn to connect to it´.

It is fundamental for the artist from Madrid to connect to it because it is only another step in her constant spiritual and evolutionary process. `Connect yourself´, she states, `I refer to meditating through the pineal gland, radiate, open the chakras, be in the `no´ mind. After learning to be one with the Universe, with cosmic abundance that affects us all. We are all one with the light, because we are all part of it.´

She considers that meditation is fundamental for artistic progression and ones own self, applying it to all the disciplines in which she participates: `When you are meditating it is the Solar Angel who acts, it is the atmic state which prompts you to do both, in my painting as well as my jewellery, digital art, photography, poetry, montages, installations and other disciplines. But in order to connect you have to let go of your ego, and get away from the egoic mind, the rational mind which supervises everything, in order to enter into the process of deep meditation that knows no limits. It is the ego that imposes conditions on us. When we meditate all obstacles disappear because we become essence. And in full meditation you can paint, create, move, live, act, because you are in the fullness of active meditation.

She is disciplined and rigorous, and has a meticulous method of working, because she considers that everything requires its process and effort. Clearly her creation goes beyond the normal boundaries and considers that everything depends on the degree of evolution of oneself. `Everything depends on the individual, of their knowledge, characteristics, training, point of view, way of seeing the world and willpower. Practice is needed, to cleanse ourselves of negative thoughts, develop our five senses, seek harmony, be true to ourselves and others.´

Aware that we find ourselves in times of change in the world, she knows that we have to make an effort to change the world from within the sustainable and harmonious dynamic. `We are in times of change in humanity. There is no turning back. The platinum energy that comes from the centre of the galaxy is connected with the planet and is leading us to a change in consciousness. The supposed economic crisis is no more than a link in the great world change, in order to pass from a consumer society to a more spiritual and humanitarian society.´

She thinks that we are all influenced by this change and that, at the same time we can be an influence to redirect it: `It affects everyone. Creative artists as well. Given that the artist is a human being who lives on planet Earth. Perhaps we have the possibility to make our views known of other alternatives to the current way of being and living, through our own example. In my case, I paint not only within the dynamic of the market, that is to say investment, functionally or aesthetically, but also within the parameters of the creation that interact with the individual in this case, bringing energy that acts with the human being and the medium.´
It is clear that her way of painting rests in the spiritual knowledge and energy that she possesses. She is an intuitional creator. Much of the information comes channelled, applying it to the painting decisively. `When I channel as I paint, the energy I create in my work later acts to benefit the individual and the medium. The same occurs with other artistic disciplines. It is the power of intention, and then the realization, and this in turn, transforms attitudes, thoughts, companies, people, ideas looking for the positive, the vibrational energy, the power of light, enlightenment, of higher knowledge.´

She is a committed creator, who, at the same time, possesses metaphysical, esoteric, spiritual and atmic knowledge which are necessary to go beyond artistic speculations. Previously, to the contrary, she considered that her creation was the product of her most deeply rooted inner practice and her spiritual beliefs. `With my painting I reach a state of enlightenment, to be enlightened is to reach a state in which the importance is the essence of what we are, not what surrounds us or the form. Matter, at the service of energy and the spirit. Matter comes from a moment that is illuminated and in so doing, everything changes, the perception of the planet is modified, the universe is no longer far away, we are all connected, we are light, we are essence.´

People are responsive, the great majority mostly connect directly with the paintings and their spiritual processes, in addition to the energy that they emit. It is almost instantaneous. `There is a very important and precise connection. There are people who have written to me with their testimony, telling me that their lives have been transformed. Companies that have been in a very precarious position, tell me that suddenly everything has changed for the positive. There are really moving testimonies. Others more rational, but all with loaded with intense gratitude. People comment that my art has changed their lives for the better. My mission is to paint. I am a channel for communication and through my art and intention, they reflect the energy that then acts beneficially.´

Francisca Blázquez, apart from being an excellent artist, her imagination is endless, she considers that art can also contribute its grain of sand to make the world more sustainable and to offer a better life for people. In recent times she has connected with Nichiren Daisonin, the founder of true Buddhism, a follower of Sakiamuni, who claims that the Law Nam-Myôhô-Rengue-Kyô is fundamental for present times, allowing us to reach illumination.

Francisca possesses great esoteric, spiritual and mystic knowledge and has practices that combine to change and transform the life of everyone into the positive.

Her attitude towards life, is above all spiritual, complementing her creative activity.

She is not a person who is only theoretical, rather that her knowledge is so fundamental that she is able to go beyond the anecdotal and be consistent with herself, not only as an artist but also as a person.

It is fundamental given that at present few people can say they do what they say, but rather what they intend to do. Whereas Francisca is capable of going to the core of existence to be able to act just as she is: a spiritual woman, who gives herself to others and who, at the same time, is an excellent artist.
Now she is the mother of a little boy called Alexis, who is four years old, a child who is more than this, who has many gifts, amongst them, painting. To date, Alexis has done many paintings, with character and enthusiasm with strength and expressiveness. Some of his paintings are subtle, poetic, but above all, his paintings show his distinct personality and his determined attitude, a lover of the evocative and the incisive at the same time, being consistent with his great intelligence. Like mother, like son.


Joan Lluís Montané
Art critic, writer and poet


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