Francisca Blázquez


I am pleased to add my own voice to that of the many who admire and praise Ms, Blazquez’ work. In a world without canons what strikes me in her paintings is an obvious sense of connectivity between the inner and the outer, between what ought to be and what is. Space is for Ms Blazquez both a refuge and a setting for endless possibilities. She confronts us with a colorful and orderly world that expresses both a personal desire as well as an artistic claim. In that space reality is transformed but not ignored and is rendered valid by her artistic integrity. Perhaps, the measure of an artist in our time lies in his/her ability to align the inner and the outer and thus give a tangible expression to a self that is both aware and longing. Ms Blazquez, in my view, masterfully succeeds in this endeavor.

Lorenzo Luciani

Ex prof. Of Foreign Languages and Literatures









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