Francisca Blázquez shares the same vision: everything that exists is part of a universal truth and can be transformed into the posi tive. She believes that themost important thing is to achieve nner and outer peace for the individual and the world.

Born in Madrid in 1966, her work connects with the cosmos, with planet earth and nature. Her paintings ink spirituality with ecology, with he harmony of nature and the self and the cosmos and this with all he multiverses. For this reason in ecent times she paints with ecological paint.

Open to new perceptions, she went rom academism to impressionism, and then became interested in expressionism, then abstract art and conceptual art. Always innovating, mixing x-rays with photos, painting on paper, fabric and wood, making sculptures of different formats that incorporated light.

She has participated throughout the years to date in about 400 individual and collective exhbitions in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina, Denmark, the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, China, Mexico and Switzerland. With regard to art fairs, she mainly attends ARCO in Madrid with the Anselmo Álvarez gallery, the Cologne fair (Germany) with the Galeria dÁrt Contemporani Antoni Pinyol of Reus (TarragonaSpain) among others.

At the time when she worked with the Anselmo Álvarez Gallery in Madrid, she participated in ARCO with two macroinstallations of 800 square meters each for this gallery, which was successfully commended for its sagacity, expression, synergy of disciplines and determination using recycled materials from construction and buildings, such as elevator doors, wood, furniture, etc. even lights that illuminated sculptures of large proportions. In addition, she incorporated a video creation together with contemporary dance. She currently is evolving her spiritual and cosmic vocation that leaves its mark which is strengthened when it is dedicated to geometric research and subsequently to Dimensionalism.

Francisca Blázquez ( creator of Dimensionalism in 1998, accomplishesunique works through her particular meditation process. This series is the one she is developing today, exhibiting works of extraordinary beauty and spiritual conviction that transmit energy and interact with the person, the company and the environment transforming them positively. The multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary artist from Madrid is essentially a painter, but also a creator of drawings, sculpture, jewelry, photography, digital animation, installations, engraving, performances, video creation, experimental dance, digital creation and interactive art.

Her work is represented in the best collections in the world: Newman Foundation of Chicago, Argentaria Foundation of Madrid, JJ.00. of Beijing - in sculpture, being chosen among 5,000 artists from all over the world, passing a rigid selection, with only 40 selected, among them Francisca Blázquez-, Marugame Hirai Museum of Japan, Artistic Circle of Venice, Platinum Collection, Chinese companies and art galleries, Group Duplex, Eurodesign, Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, 200 Swiss companies, 240 Spanish companies, Swiss Banking Union, Swiss Banking Corporation, Arte On Museum, Marbella Town Hall, Monaco Embassy, Palestinian Embassy, Egyptian Embassy, Egyptian Institute Madrid, Casino de Marbella, N&N, dozens of pictorial works with collectors in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Venice, Ascoli Piceno, etc.

Her creations enjoy the support of a large number of ambassadors from every continent who believe that her work for peace and the planet is essential. A highlight was her exhibition in London at the World premiere of the movie What the Bleep Do We Know !?

Among her digital animations, is the one entitled ‘Universo Dalí’ which stands out and was conceived expressly for the first Dolmen de Dalí International Exhibition, projected at the Casa de la Moneda and on a giant screen in the Dalí Square in Madrid before a thousand people.

Art is a means to express energy

For Francisca Blázquez, art today is ‘a means to express energy, the evidence that there is such a great cosmic abundance that we can all be happy.

You just have to learn to connect to it in order to recognise this. It is essential for the artist from Madrid to make this connection because it is one step more in her evolutionary and constant spiritual progress. truth, although different in each case yet part of the universal truth.

``Connect´´, she says, `` I mean meditate through the pineal gland, radiate and open the chakras, be in the no mind.

Then learn to be one with the universe, with the cosmic abundance that affects us all. We are all one with the light, because we are all part of it. All cultures, ways of understanding existence, the evidence of vital determination leads us to understand the different ways of understanding our existence, which go beyond singularities and cultures, different ways of thinking.

We are part of the same polyhedron, and therefore the individual And so, from love to universal and personal peace, her atmic landscapes are wrapped in their shades and colours, suggesting a better world for us all.

Joan Lluís Montané
Member of the International Art Critic´s Association (AICA).
Traducción texto al inglés: Margaret Flanders


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