2013 The Year of Japan-Spain

2014 A 400 year relationship


The Colours of Peace: The contribution of Japanese Buddhism


2013 The Year of Japan-Spain
2014 A 400 year relationship

The exhibition is titled:  The Colours of Peace: The contribution of Japanese Buddhism

Exhibition of Francisca Blázquez in the context of the Year of Japan -Spain


Within the joint Spanish Japanese initiative intended to increase new perspectives in the centennial bilateral relationship, commemorating the 400 years which have elapsed since Keicho Embassy left the region of Sendai in October 1613, reaching the city of Seville a year later, is the framework for the exhibition of Francisca Blázquez, the Madrid artist. The Year of Japan - Spain has a particular emphasis on cultural aspects such as, art, architecture, design, science and technology. The Japanese Embassy in Spain coordinates the events through the Secretariat of its Operating Team, integrated in the Executive Committee of the Year of Japan - Spain.

The creator of Dimensionalism in 1998 explores cosmic investigation into the etheric, atmic, Buddhist, spiritual and love dimension, amongst others. The result is a work which travels through different dimensions, which flows from the inside out, that looks for the vibrational intensity in its own right and as well as its causal effect. She creates energy compositions which are spiritual channellings through meditation.

On this occasion, her pictorial work is focused on peace and its positive transformational energy in the world. Her work is more subtle, with etheric colours, almost evanescent, but at the same time, within its own distinctive and expressive imprint.
The artist from Madrid, establishes in her art a clear relationship with the undoubtable contribution to peace, of the Japanese Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, who made known to humanity the original mystical cause, possessing the three illuminated properties incarnated in the entity of his life and whose beneficial effects go beyond the three existences. He is considered the founder of the true Buddhism.
The art of Francisca Blázquez, apart from being an investment in art, and an aesthetic creation is, fundamentally, interactive energy art that helps people and their environments, transforming and improving them.

With over 400 individual and collective exhibitions in 17 countries on three continents, the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary Madrid artist who is essentially a painter, but also a creator of sculptures, jewellery, digital animation, installations, drawings, prints, performances, video creation, experimental dance and interactive art, bringing to contemporary art, harmony between science and spirituality.

Her work is represented in some of the best collections of the world: Newman Foundation in Chicago, Fundación Argentaria in Madrid, Olympic Games exhibition in Pekin, Marugame Hirai Museum in Japan, Artistic Circle in Venice, Platinum Collection, Grupo Dúplex, Eurodesign, Bolsa de Comercio in Buenos Aires, 200 Swiss companies, Unión de Bancos Suizos, Swiss Banking Corporation, Museo Arte On, N & N, Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies, etc. She has also participated in major art fairs throughout Europe, including Cologne and ARCO in Madrid.


Joan Lluis Montané
International Association of Art Critics (IAAC)


Traductora del inglés: Margaret Flanders





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