Launching Tuesday 5th May 2020 - 20.00 (CET) Mainland Spain - 19.00 UK/Portugal/Canary Islands


Worldwide On-line exhibition of Francisca Blázquez from her studio and home where she is currently in lockdown in Galapagar - Madrid, Spain


The artist Francisca Blázquez, creator of Dimensionalismo in 1998, is an artist of peace, because she believes in peace that is both internal and external. She considers that to work for world peace you must first work on the individual peace in each one of us.


Her connection with the Chinese people is long-standing. She has always said that the Chinese soul is full of love and for this reason, she has exhibited on various occasions in China and has established many professional contacts there with whom she has continually organized events, exhibitions that confirm the very special character of this great trading nation which is also creative, artistic and philosophical yet pragmatic and efficient.



For Francisca Blázquez art today is ‘a means to express energy, with evidence that there is such a great cosmic abundance enabling us all to be happy. You just have to learn to connect with it in order to experience it. ’


It is essential for this artist from Madrid to make this connection because it is one more step in her evolution and constant spiritual progress. ‘By connect’, she says, ‘I mean meditating through the pineal gland, irradiating, opening the chakras, being in the no-mind. Then learn to be one with the universe, with the cosmic abundance that affects us all. We are all one with the light, because we are all part of it.


She considers that meditation is fundamental for artistic progress and for her own, applying it in all the disciplines in which she participates: 'When you are meditating, the one who acts is the Solar Angel, it is the atmic state that drives you to do what you want. I apply this to my painting, jewellery, digital art, photography, poetry, montages, installations and other disciplines. But to make this connection, you have to let go of the ego, move away from the egoic mind and the rational mind that controls everything, to enter the process of deep meditation that knows no limits.´


Furthermore, it was as a consequence of her exhibition in Wuhan (China), on the flight back to Madrid, that the channeled book evolved, which we hope, dear reader; you will soon be able to hold in your hands and experience.


That trip was in late 2018, a year before the spread of the corona virus, Wuhan is a city of 11 million people in the centre of China, who are characterized by their friendliness, great business prowess and love for family and work.


Francisca has collaborated with the Chinese people, contributing money, in delicate moments. She has also prepared a meditation so that the corona virus does not progress and maintains contact with her friends in Wuhan. In addition to this, she has created a series of paintings `Homage to Wuhan´ that complements those she already presented in 2018 in the Chinese city with another one made in 2020.


She is a passionate creator, who, at the same time, possesses the metaphysical, esoteric, spiritual and atmic knowledge necessary to go beyond artistic considerations.


People are receptive, connecting most of the time directly with the work and its spiritual processes, in addition to the energy it emits. It is almost instantaneous.


‘There is a powerful and precise connection. There are people who have written to me giving testimonials commenting that their lives have been transformed. Companies that were really in a precarious situation wrote stating that everything has changed positively for them. There are some really moving testimonials. Others are more rational but all with an intense amount of gratitude



Her work is represented in major collections around the world: Newman Foundation of Chicago, Argentaria Foundation of Madrid; a sculpture was commissioned for the Olympic Games of Beijing (2008) from some 5,000 artists from all over the world, of whom only 40 were chosen, including one by Francisca Blázquez; Marugame Hirai Museum of Japan; Artistic Circle of Venice; Platinum Collection; several Chinese companies; Duplex Group;  Eurodesign; Buenos Aires Stock Exchange; 200 Swiss companies; 240 Spanish companies; Union of Swiss Banks; Swiss Banking Corporation; On Art Museum, Marbella Town Hall; Embassy of Monaco, New Zealand Embassy, Embassy of Palestine; Embassy of Haiti; Embassy of Egypt, Egyptian Institute of Islamic Studies Madrid; Marbella Casino; N & N, as well as dozens of paintings bought by private collectors from New York, London, Paris, Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Venice, Ascoli Piceno, Barcelona and several Chinese cities, Wuhan and Beijing.



One highlight was an exhibition in London at the premiere of the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  


Another was her digital animations presentation entitled `Dali Universe´ expressly conceived for the 1st Dali International Dolmen Exhibition projected at the Casa de la Moneda on a giant screen in the Plaza Dali in Madrid before one thousand spectators.


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